Weblogs (blogs):

A weblog (blog) is a site that allows you to post blog posts on your own space which is available for anyone to see, like, comment on and share.

When creating a weblog, I like to use either WordPress, which also lets you create websites, and Edublogs which I use as my college blog.

To go to your blog page, you go to ‘My Sites’, (Your name)’s Blog and click ‘Visit Site’.

It will take you to your official blog site which is where your blog posts will appear on. On the right-hand side, you will have a side bar which will show your recent posts.

It will also show recent comments made on your posts and categories that you have put your posts in.

To go to your dashboard, you go to ‘My Sites’, (insert name) Blog and click on ‘Dashboard’. Going onto your dashboard gives you the following options; create posts, pages, add media. Emails, look at your comments, change your blogs appearance, add plugins, and go on settings.

To add a post, you go to ‘Posts’ and click ‘Add New’. After that the page above you pop up and you will add a title for your blog post and add information in the section bellow. Edublogs gives you the option of changing the font style to Bold or Italic and even change the colour of the text. You can also add bullet points, make a numbered list, add hyperlinks and change how the text is aligned.

To add images, you click on the ‘Add Media’ which takes you to the screenshot above. You then click ‘Select Files’ and go to the file with the picture you want to upload.

Once you’ve chosen your image, you click ‘Open’ and wait for the image to load and then ‘Insert into Post’. You can change the size of the image before inserting it to the post as well as add a caption to the image.

Voila! Your picture is now inserted into your blog post. The process is the same when inserting a document into a blog post.

As you can see on next to the draft blog post, there is a categories section which allows you to add your own category which relates to your post. To add a new category all you do is click ‘Add New Category’, type down the category name, press enter and tick the box next to that category so that your post is now in the category. The process of creating a post is the same for adding a page however you do not put pages into categories.

If you click on ‘Appearances’, you have the option of changing your current theme with the large variety that Edublogs has to offer.



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