Social networking:

Social networking service is an online platform that allows people to build social relations with other people who share similar interests as themselves. Different social networks have different aims and outcomes, for example, Facebook is to connect to and keep in touch with friends and family whereas Instagram is an app created for people to share their pictures with other people and follow people who produce photos you like. The following screenshots will help explain to you how to use Instagram which is a photo based social network app.

Once you download the app, make an account and add details for your profile the first step to becoming an Instagrammer is to upload your first picture. As you can see from the screenshot above, you need to tap on the camera to share your first photo or short video.

Once you have chosen the picture you want to share from your photo album on your device, you have the option of editing your picture. You can add a filter, adjust the image, brightness, contrast, structure, warmth, saturation, colour, fade, highlights, shadows, vignette, tilt shift, and sharpen. After that you then have the choice of adding a caption to your image, adding a location, sharing the picture on other social network accounts and if you click on advanced settings, you can turn off commenting so that others are unable to comment on your photo.

Adding a location to your image is very easy to do. You simply tap ‘Add Location’ and then search the location of where you took the photo. Once you are finished, tap ‘Share’ and your photo will be posted on your profile and will appear on your timeline.

The next step is to follow other Instagrammers. If you tap the magnifying glass you can search for people, tags or locations and follow people whose profile you like. For example, I typed the word ‘Photography’ and the tag and people with ‘photography’ in their title show up on the screen. When you follow someone, suggestions of people with similar content as the one you followed will show up. These will also be people that the person you are following, follow.

To like a picture, you double tap the picture you like and the heat bellow the picture will turn red. You can also comment on a picture while using emoji’s.

Once you’ve posted your comment, you also have the option of deleting it and replying to your own comment. You can also like, reply and report other people’s comments.

If you want to show a friend your own or someone else’s picture, all you need to do is tap the paper plane (next to the heart and speech bubble) and send it to someone you are following. You can type a message, tap ‘Send’ and that person will receive the picture in a private message.

Once you start following more Instagrammers, you will be able to see what they post, like, comment and who they start following. This gives you the opportunity to find a video or picture that you haven’t seen before. You will also be notified when someone follows you and likes or comments on your picture.



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