Internet information sharing:

Internet Information Sharing is where you exchange information or data with organisations, people or companies, using the internet. There are multiple ways to share information to other individuals using different sources for different types of content. For example, when sharing a video, people generally use YouTube or Facebook to do so. However, to share important documents and files to specific people or companies, the best sites to use are Dropbox and Google Drive.  The screenshots bellow will show you how to use Internet Information Sharing using Dropbox.

After signing up for Free on Dropbox the first step to sharing information is to click ‘Upload files’, you then click ‘Choose files’ which will then allow you to find the file that contains the document you want to upload.

After you find the find the document and click ‘Choose’, the document will then start downloading and you will then be able to add more files or click ‘Done’ and upload it onto your Dropbox file.

Click the box next to the file and then press share.

A small box will pop up which is where you will add the email address of the person you will be sharing you document to. You can also type a small message to the person about the document and click ‘Share’.

Once you have clicked ‘Share’ a small pop up will tell you that the document was securely shared.



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