Discussion forums:

Discussion forums, also known as message board, is a site that allows people to leave messages, questions, comments and replies. It allows people to have discussions about a particular topic in the form of posts which is what makes them different from chat rooms. They are published in the public which means anyone can read and comment on them. The example I will use is ‘The Student Room’ which is a discussion forum dedicated to students.

After making an account, you have the option of clicking on, Forums, GCSE, A-Level, applying to uni, University, Careers & jobs, etc. depending on the category you want to read a discussion on.

To post a question you simply go to the top of the website and click ‘Ask a question’. You are given the choice of ticking the box of the topic you will be asking a question about, you must give a title to your post and type up your question/message in the space bellow the title.

Once you have chosen your topic, and filled in the rest of what you would like to say you are now ready to publish your post and wait for a response from someone who can answer your question and create a discussion.


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