Bulletin Boards:

A bulletin board is an area online used to post content such as, advertisements for items or services to sell and to announce advents. Gumtree is a good example of a bulletin board which allows you to post an ad on their site. An advantage of Gumtree is that your ad is visible to everyone and isn’t like EBay in the sense that it doesn’t do biddings/auctions, so the price for items doesn’t go up.

Once you register or login to Gumtree you must click on the button that says “Post an ad”.

You then choose which category your item or service will be in and find what you will be advertising. For example, as you can see above I am selling an object so I chose the “For Sale” category and then specified what I am selling from the other categories listed.

After clicking ‘Continue’ you will then have to enter you post code to state where you are located. Next, you will have to add a title to let buyers know what you are selling.

Buyers need to know what your item looks like in order to know whether or not they want to buy the item. For this reason, you will have to upload a picture (or more) to show that you are selling what is written in the title. You will then proceed to add any additional information that the buyer might want to know about the item in the description box.

After putting up a price for the item, you have choice of choosing different ways to promote your ad and then you can post your ad.



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