An Email, otherwise known as an Electronic Mail, is like sending a letter to someone via the internet but instead of waiting days or weeks to get the email, you get it instantly. Through different platforms, you can write, send, receive, reply back to, save and delete emails. You can also attach images, documents and videos to an email.

From top to bottom, you first type in the email address of the person you want to send the email to, underneath that in the subject header you have the choice of typing up a phrase or word which will explain what the email is about and just bellow that you have space to type up your email.

Most, if not all, email platforms give you the choice of changing the font, font style (bold/italic), underline the text, change text colour, text alignment and numbered or bulletin list. There are a few buttons which allow you to attach a file, insert files using Drive, send and request money, insert pictures, insert link, insert emoji’s and discard the email you are currently typing. However, when sending documents, videos, pictures or other files some platforms have a limit on the amount of data you can send with each email.

Your Inbox is like an electronic mailbox and contains emails sent from other receipts and notifies you when you receive a new email. If you have any important emails you have the option of moving them to another mailbox that you can create or put a star next to it to remind you of its importance. Any emails you send or delete will be in another type of mailbox called ‘Sent Email’ and ‘Bin’. Any unwanted emails from random companies or businesses can be re-located to ‘Spam Mail’ so you do not receive any advertisement emails from the same company again. Another way to reject spam emails or emails from someone you are unfamiliar with is by blocking them. One of the biggest issues with Emailing is that you could be emailed viruses that can affect your device which is why you should immediately block or put the email into Spam Mail. However, this issue rarely comes up which is why Emailing has very little disadvantages.

Emailing is generally used for professional purposes over personal as people normally message the people they are close to by texting or messaging apps. There are a large variety of different emailing platforms such as, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Zoho Mail, Apple iCloud, GMX Mail, Tutanota, AOL Mail, etc.

Personally, I use Gmail and Outlook to send emails. I have two accounts as one is for friends and family and the other is for college and work. This is so that I don’t confuse personal emails with more important/professional emails. Both emailing platforms are great as they are very easy to use, have great features and is free to sign up to. What I really like about Gmail is that they automatically separate emails for you so that all advertisement or update emails are sent to a separate file in your Inbox so that they do not mingle with emails sent by actual people.


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