Setting up a theme:

To change the theme of my website I clicked on ‘My Site’ and clicked on ‘Themes’ and chose to look at free themes instead of premium themes. I then looked at a variety of themes offered and activated the ‘Pique’ theme as it looked less like a blog and more like a website. I titled my website Digital Communications Systems and then went to Content options and un-ticked display date option as I wanted to make my website look more like a professional website rather than a blog and then changed the colour feature. I also changed the heading font to ‘Exo 2’ and added my own header image which I created on Adobe Illustrator.

I then proceeded to add widgets, which is an interface that is a shortcut to a larger application, to my website to make it look more professional. If I had a business or if this was my official professional website then I would add social icons to my sidebar to give people the option to check out my social media accounts and to make is so they can retweet, share or like posts/statuses I post and contact me if needed. I added the ‘Follow Button’ to the Bottom Footer so people can follow the blog side to my website as well as the ‘Google Translate’ widget so people who don’t speak English can read and understand my content. I also added a ‘Search bar’ on my Top Footer to give people another way to look for specific content on my website. I added a home page to make my website look more professional by customising the theme, clicking on ‘Static Front Page’ and clicked on Home for the front page.


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