Web Pages:

What are the appropriate language conventions of Web Pages?

The appropriate language convention for web pages is the right use of tags when coding in CSS and HTML to control and explain the website. Using incorrect/informal language when searching something in the search bars can result in bringing up incorrect information as it does not understand what you are searching for. This can also result in sites like Bing or google recommending an alternative sentence to what you wrote which can often be the correct use of language. However, this may also pop up on our screen if it does not understand what you want “Your search – “……..” – did not match any documents.” And will suggest you to “Make sure that all words are spelled correctly. Try different keywords. Try more general keywords.

HTML tags should also be written with upper case letters e.g. HTML, BODY, EM, P and HTML attributes are written with lower case letters (e.g., src, class, id). Values for CSS should be surrounded by single quotes, document language element names should be in upper case letters and document language attribute names should be in lower case letters and surrounded by double quotes. Appropriate language for creating web pages would be HTML. It is essential to include appropriate div tags in the coding. This is both the opening and closing tag here is an example <h1> </h1>. Without these appropriate div tags the code will not work. CSS is Cascading Style Sheets which are the design of the website. For CSS you need to enter a div then define it with a rule. When defining a rule, you can customise the way the web page looks.


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