Texting and Messaging:

What are the appropriate language conventions of Texting and Messaging? 

When texting or messaging friends or family it is perfectly acceptable to write using slang terms and acronyms when texting as you are texting someone who you have close relation to and are more likely to appreciate these terms. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t use this kind of language when texting a colleague, manager or supervisor unless you have a close relation with them (enough to call them a friend) and if it is none work related. When talking about work related issues it is best to talk without using slang as it may cause confusion and create a misunderstanding which can negatively affect you and the person you are texting. While texting and messaging is used for informal language, many people aren’t up to date with slang terms or acronyms. If that is the case and you texted like that, it will make you look unable to spell which could make you perceived as uneducated.


You are very unlikely to message someone related with work or other higher authority on Facebook, twitter, Instagram or other social networks with your personal life on display as most people keep their personal and work life separate, however the same rules with texting apply with messaging. Personally, I would not message anyone work related as I would not want anyone from work or any teachers have access to my personal life on social networks unless I had a close relation with them.


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