Purposes (business VS personal):

What are the appropriate language conventions of creating business versus personal text creation?

When using language conventions for a business you need to be clear and precise which includes the proper use of grammar, spelling and vocabulary. This helps create good communication between you and the person in the business sector that you are typing to. Do not use slang or acronyms as it is not professional and you are texting (emailing or messaging) someone you are not friends with. Clients or people from the business you are talking to would most likely appreciate and prefer formal use of language conventions when being messaged/emailed as it is more respectful which can help form better relationships with them.

You can use Personal language conventions when texting friends and family as they are people you have close relation to and wouldn’t mind you being informal and using slang or acronyms when texting. For example, friends can write using slang terms like “u r8 m8” translating to ‘you alright mate’ and abbreviations such as ‘BRB’ and ‘TTYL’ meaning ‘be right back’ and ‘talk to you later’. Emoticons are also common things used in personal text massages and statuses which commonly lead to a massage containing slang terms.


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