What are the appropriate language conventions of Email composition?

Appropriate language conventions for email composition can vary depending who you are emailing too. For work or education purposes you have to write formally and appropriately to the person you are emailing. First you have to acknowledge the person you are emailing to. High authority, teacher, boss, employer, client, etc. You would normally start with ‘Dear Sir/Madam’, unless you know the person’s gender or name, rather than ‘Hey Sue’ or ‘Wassap Dave”. You would also end with ‘Regards John Smith’ rather than ‘faithfully’ as you do not personally know the person. You shouldn’t really use slang or make jokes in emails as they can be misunderstood and mistaken for something else. You could use slang when writing a personal email to a friend or someone you know as it is more acceptable then it would be when emailing someone for professional reasons. These are my personal opinions as I have emailed teachers, clients and managers before and they all appreciate formal and appropriate writing when I send them an email. Emails are the electronic version of writing and sending emails which consists of using formal language which is why emails should be treated the same way.


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