Multimedia Message Service (MMS):

What is it?

Multimedia Message Service, also known as MMS is a messaging evolution of SMS (Short Message Service) which only lets you send messages containing 160 characters to another mobile user and is a standard messaging service used by thousands of people. MMS also allows the user to send messages with pictures, videos, and audio recordings/content to another phone user. It also allows you to send an MMS message to an email address. SMS was commonly used into MMS came out and had everyone using due to its capability that lets an individual send more content to another individual on their mobile phone.

What are the limitations/abilities of using this type of messaging service?

An advantage of using MMS is that it allows you to send more information/content to another device, allows the user to not only send text but also sound and video as well as write text longer than 160 characters. A disadvantage of MMS is that it is more expensive compared to SMS and is not supported to all phones.

I find MMS useful as I often send pictures to friends and relatives, especially when I am explaining the places I have visited on holiday.



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