Setting up WordPress

I started creating my first WordPress account and creating a site. First I started with going to the website and clicking on “Get Started”. Next I selected “Welcome Page For My Site” and skipped choosing a theme as I will come back to that later. After that I created my URL which is called: as I will be producing content to do with Digital Communications Systems. I chose a free account and proceeded to fill in email, username and password details.

I confirmed my email and went to my homepage and added /wp-admin to my URL to take me to my dashboard where I can edit and create posts and pages. I then created a page to learn how to create a menu and sub-menu and deleted it afterwards as it was not necessary at that moment. After that, I created a category labeled “Blog” for my website as I will be posting blog posts as to how I do certain things on the website and to make it easy for people to access my website which will help them find the right information they are looking for.


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